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In environmentally friendly products and produciton methods, NorColour claims to be number one in Europe in its own field. The waterborne production system has been developed and refined since the 1990´s. In the finnish production plant, more than 90 % of the paint usage is waterborne.

We strive in many different ways to reduce the environmental impact caused by our actions. With a very high percentage, most of the raw materials we use are produced in Scandinavia, close to our production facilities. This reduces the need for transportation of raw materials.

Paper and the environment

We use suppliers that are concious of their actions. A large part, but not all, of our waterborde production is made with PE (polyethylene) coated paper. PE is the most widely used plastic, looking at plastic usage globally and it is widely used for packaging in the food industry. After the product has been used, it will be recycled within the normal system for paper and card board recycling.

Paint and the environment

In colour card production, considerable amounts of different paints are used. In the drying process, most of the paint will evaporate to the air. When using solvents such as nitrocellulose, the greenhouse gas effect caused by the solvent is approximately 13 times compared to the harmfullnes of CO2. By choosing waterborne products with water acting as solvent, the total environmental impact can be considerably reduced. Propably the best place to really experience the difference is inside the production plant, in the colour matching and coating departments.

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