Colour samples

The colour sample is a vital sales tool and the sample needs to reflect the quality of the brand and the product that is actually being marketed. The products that we deliver should live up to the expectations both of our customer and the end user who is often a consumer or a professional designer.

Colour cards

We produce chip mounted colour cards that replicate different kinds of painted surfaces with the highest possible accuracy. Our unique and highly realistic wood imitation paper is the perfect, yet cost effective alternative for displaying wood surfaces. Our waterborne colour card paint bases can be used together with the customers colorants and tinting formulas.

Fan decks

Stripe coated and fully coated colour fan decks are produced on contract basis. Typical volumes range from a few hundreds to tens of thousands. We also produce waterborne stripe coated fan decks.

Painted samples

From a few samples to the largest production series – our robotic painting lines allow for large scale production of spray-painted panels for the global customers. Wood, mdf, plastic and metal samples are typically produced with the customers original paint. All details are carefully mapped together with the customer to make sure the final product has the right look and feel. The samples are normally labelled or printed inhouse and collated to handy sets for easy distribution.

Colour chips

In take home colour chip systems our level of engagement during the systems life span will be agreed from case to case. There are probably as many models as there are customers. A major part of the colour chips are produced with waterborne paint.

Colour sheets

Sheets for architects and consumers are typically produced in A5, A4 or A3 size. Through our network of suppliers we can offer boxes, binders etc. to finalize the products.

Promotional materials

We supply promotional materials and design, with focus on the Norwegian market. The products range from signs, posters, rollups, stickers, exhibition materials, beach flags to flags and more.

Complementary services

For our contract customers we offer flexible solutions such as storage and distribution of colour samples and other materials. Webshop ordering is also available. Other services include hot foil stamping on plastic parts and digital colours for use on websites and other digital platforms. We will be happy to discuss our customer’s specific needs.

Why choose NorColour?

  • Norcolour is a reliable and vastly experienced partner who’s products and services keep a high standard
  • Low carbon footprint – we have truly climate smart solutions ready in place
  • We can utilize the customers own colourants directly in the production of colour cards, fan decks and other products
  • We offer flexible service, easy communication and uncomplicated cooperation

Norcolour as a company has been giving their full support on the projects they are involved in, helping to build the Jotun brand together globally. They have gone all out to ensure that we get the best products, making sure every single details are well taken care of, very much exceeding our expectations. – Group Purchasing Category Manager at Jotun AS

Norcolour is constantly delivering high quality colour materials and flexible service. Whatever the case has been, our expectations have always been met. But most of all we would like to endorse their committed and excellent staff! Thanks NorColour! – Marketing specialist at major Nordic paint manufacturer

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