NorColour is bringing an eco-friendly alternative to the market of colour sampling. We have committed to look after the environment as well as our employees. We have invested heavily in energy saving technology and we are carefully considering the impact of every choice we make. Meanwhile we want to provide a great workplace for our fantastic staff. Continuous improvement and reduction of emissions and is an ongoing process.

Our values


The products that we deliver and the services that we provide should always keep a high standard. Any unexpected situations will be handled efficiently and with determination.

Customer focus

We acknowledge that our business is customer driven. Our customers need’s are directing us on our common journey.


We are privileged to work in a very exciting and colourful business, helping to build success stories in close collaboration with our dear customers and partners.

Waterborne paints bring a major reduction in our carbon foot-print

Like many other producers, Norcolour is using tens of tons of paint in colour sample production on annual basis. By switching to waterborne paints, we have significantly reduced our emissions of greenhouse gases. The accumulated reduction is thousands of tons of CO2*.

*CO2 equivalent. Commonly used nitrocellulose paints cause VOC emissions that have 10-13 times the fuelling effect on climate change relative to carbon dioxide. This explains the huge reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our commitment to sustainability

It is our common responsibility to care for our environment both locally and globally. At Norcolour this means choosing eco-friendly raw materials, minimizing waste, appropriate waste treatment, recycling materials when possible, using energy efficient technology in our buildings and production lines, increasing our usage of renewable energy etc. We will keep looking for ways to improve further.

95% of all energy used at Norcolour comes from renewable sources

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