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“Colour samples for important choices” (1:49)

Want to know more about what we do? See a short presentation of our business, products and the colour sample process.

Colour cards

One of our most iconic products, the mounted colour card comes in many forms. A new generation of mounting machines ensure superior quality.

Fan decks

Made-to-order and typically used by designers and architects. Special papers are available, not to forget our unique wood imitation paper.

Painted samples

Our facilities are designed for production of painted samples and panels. Smaller runs are handcrafted and larger runs are produced in our robotic line.

CO2 reduction

~250 tn

This is the average annual equivalent CO2 reduction that is due to reduced VOC emissions. By using waterborne paints over a couple of decades we have been able to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Solar panel output

74.2 MWh

Accumulated solar power yield since installation. Panels on our factory roof generate approximately 60-64 MWh on annual basis, which is mainly used in production of colour samples.

Our story

Norcolour is a Nordic producer of colour samples, working in close collaboration with the paint industry and some other industries.

The company was established in Norway in 1991, with its founders radiating together from Norway, Sweden and Finland. Since 1994 there are two production sites, located in Norway and in Finland. Since those days both our customers and our businesses has developed a lot. But our basic mission remains the same – to provide the best possible colour tools and related services to our valued customers.

Norcolour as a company has been giving their full support on the projects they are involved in, helping to build the Jotun brand together globally. They have gone all out to ensure that we get the best products, making sure every single details are well taken care of, very much exceeding our expectations. – Group Purchasing Category Manager at Jotun AS

Norcolour is constantly delivering high quality colour materials and flexible service. Whatever the case has been, our expectations have always been met. But most of all we would like to endorse their committed and excellent staff! Thanks NorColour! – Marketing specialist at major Nordic paint manufacturer

NorColour innovation

Did you know that it is possible to produce colour cards directly with the customer’s own colourants?

Our waterborne colour card paint base is compatible with the colorants that are commonly used by the paint industry today. This makes it possible to use those actual colourants and tinting formulas directly in colour sample production!


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