Our innovative technologies include the unique and trend setting waterborne production system, cutting edge robotic production techniques, energy saving technology and more. By utilizing new technology, we have managed to further improve the quality of our products while significantly reducing our emissions.

We produce colour cards, fandecks and other samples by using our customers own waterborne colourants directly in our production, goodbye to metamerism.

Our process

Aim first

We are happy to assist as a sparring partner before production start, with the aim to find the perfect cost-effective design.

Perfect match

Our experienced colour technicians who match the colours, are hitting their targets with an excellent track record.

Scale up

Our coating and spraying lines will do the job. Our coating lines are built or adapted to handle waterborne products.

Not just paint

The projects typically involve a lot of printing. Our network of trusted suppliers will find the optimal solution.


Depending on the product; cutting, die-cutting, drilling, collating, mounting, chip-mounting, folding, stamping, labelling and so on.

Roll out

The finished product is typically delivered to the customers warehouse. Storage and distribution are also available.

See more under Colour samples

Utilizing robotics in spray-painting of panels

Our innovative robotic spraying line allows for high output of spray-painted sample panels. The robot is programmable in 3D which allows for different shapes of colour samples. Typical materials used are mdf boards and light weight foamed plastic panels. Our printing machines make it possible to add exclusive glossy printing in silver or any other colour. Our capacity is sufficient for global customers. Read more about painted samples.

The success of any project is depending on many details. We promise to treasure the details, from first discussion to delivered product.

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