Our story

Norcolour was founded back in 1991 and production was started in the small coastal village of Skjeberg (Norway). With our founders radiating together from Norway, Sweden and Finland, Norcolour has been a cross-Nordic company from day one. Just a few years later, the second production site was established in Parainen (Finland). Since those days both our customers business and ours has developed quite a lot. But our basic mission remains the same – to provide the best possible colour tools and related services to our valued customers.

Taking care of our employees


We are blessed to have a great staff. We think everyone at the workplace should enjoy working together and contribute to uphold the great team spirit.

Healthy working conditions

We think good and healthy indoor air quality, lightning, ergonomics and general cleanliness are of great importance, no explanations needed.


Work at Norcolour often leads to long careers. Still we are happy to recruit new colleagues both old and young, who want to try it out to see if the colour card business could be their thing.

Our colourful history

Norcolour was founded and production started in Norway.
Norcolour bought an existing production facility and production lines and started production in Finland.
Development of the first generation of waterborne colour card paint and production procedures.
Launch of the first fully waterborne colour system with just under 2500 colours. The system was probably unique globally as it was produced directly with the customers colourants and tinting recipes.
Storage and distribution services launched.
Wood- and other painted samples became a regular part of the product portfolio.
The coating line in Norway was rebuilt for waterborne paints. The factory in Finland got the “Nordic Swan” -ecolabel.
Investment in a new building including a new coating line, a paintshop for spray- and manual painting and drying room for painted samples
Robotic spraying line for samples and panels installed
“Norcolour Reklame” was launched to provide support in advertising for the Norwegian market.
New factory extension in Finland with production and storage spaces, including new canteen and supportive functions.

New generation of colour card mounting machines introduced.

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