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We know colours! Our main products are colour samples applied on paper and other surfaces - to be used as colour marketing tools. Products include chip mounted colour cards, fan decks, take home chips as well as samples painted on wood and other surfaces. Via our customers, the products are distributed to consumers and proffessionals on a growing geographic area.

Our main group of customers is formed by producers of decorative paint. We work together with the marketing departments in the customers organisation.

The new generation of production techniques make it possible to use the customers own waterborne colourants in colour card production. This brings many advantages as it is the best way to show a colour, exactly as it will look in the final application. It will also eliminate issues caused by different light sources (metamerism). The pigments used are the same as in the final (real) application.

As a recent addition to the more traditional products, we also offer samples on wood and other “real” surfaces. For this purpose we have invested in new facilities and machinery – which were taylor made for this product segment. Our new facilities include equipment for spray painting- and a large drying room. The production equipment also include in-house printing.

NorColour AS, tel. + 47 69 130 850 | NorColour Oy Ab, tel. +358 2 45 86 110

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